MCM Expo.

So I had a few ideas that I would be implementing today. None of them have come through though. The first of these was liveblogging; that just hasn’t come together, as I was scouring for all sorts of plugins or workarounds, and short of coding one myself I couldn’t find one that not only works in WordPress, but would be able to feed off my phone in one way or another. There was one that worked from Twitter, but that just makes my tweets (that are already featured on my frontpage) look messy as hell, as well as duplicate a lot of the content.

I will be trying to use Twitpic, but it hasn’t had that much luck recently. I’ll also try to send a few things through Flickr, but since my email is at the mercy of Orange, I’m not holding out. I’ll have everything on memory cards, so I can always pull everything off memory cards en masse. It’s now working through Flickr.

Video will be up either when I get back tonight, or when I get back from work tomorrow (Sunday). The main reason being that it takes a while, and I’ll be uploading to vimeo, a site that has a few problems with me, and requires me to actually be up and at my computer instead of letting it tick over through the night. At least it’ll be higher quality than Youtube.

I’ll also get pics/video of any swag I get and stuff I buy while I’m there. Hopefully I’ll spot Orionis and Alice while I’m there.

Oh, btw Alice: Turn your damn phone on. kthx.

Here’s to a fun day.

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