I Need a Better Title.

I’m pretty much settled in again now. Nana’s house has been sorted and cleared out, so Mum’s not got that weighing on her shoulders all the time. It’s about time she had something resembling free time; I rarely see her before 7pm without her rushing around to try and get to work. I helped a little bit, but it felt like a lot to me. It makes me wonder just how much stuff she actually went through at the house.

Couple that with last week’s outings, and I wasn’t in the mood to game a lot. I pretty much deserted Aion for all that time. I’m now about 40% through level 33, and I cannot wait to get to level 34. Why? Because as a Spiritmaster, I’ll finally start getting access to the high level Spirits (i.e. level 3), starting with Fire of course. I’ll add a screenshot next entry; I’ve changed all my armor again. I said I would hope to be 50 by Christmas, and it looks like that was a little bit optimistic. I’ve been playing for a month and I’m at level 34, but it’s only going to get more difficult. Plus there’s Veteran Rewards now based on how long you have been playing Aion, so it’s worth taking my time. After all, once I get to 50 what else is there to do apart from PvP and gear hoarding? Start another character from scratch and begin it all over again. Except it won’t be as fun, because the excitement won’t be there from doing things for the first time.

I want to get started with gaming again; I’ve neglected it as of late and I want to get back to it. I separate Aion from this because it’s a different type of experience. I picked up my 360 controller today and didn’t do anything other than play a couple of Carcassonne games (I won both, I might add), before not finding any of my games calling to me. Kinda weird for being such a big gamer, but I’m just going to take it with a pinch of salt and get back into it after tomorrow. Tomorrow I’m in work at 6am for the fourth time in as many days, and I’m starting to feel it.

Finished the first lesson with Train2Game and I’ll be starting the second one tomorrow. My first test gave me 90% and an ‘excellent’ grade. It was all genres of gaming; pretty simple stuff for a gamer of 12 years. Thinking of it as a program, project, and a world of concept rather than a game will be a bit more difficult, but quite frankly I want the challenge. I want someone or something testing me. I do well under pressure.

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