Re-Rolling the Dice

It’s been almost a year since I’ve posted here, and I had lost the passion for it a while before now. Why? I think a friend of mine put it best. There was a lot of posturing and ego stroking in the posts that I had outgrown.

So I hit the reset button, gave the site a fresh coat of paint, a new theme (well overdue; K2 was nearly five years out of development) and finally embraced the more advanced features of WordPress.

So what now?

Now, I’m going to start again. I’ve kept the posts, images and such in a backup that I can put back in place, but I honestly don’t think I need it.

I battled with depression pretty much the entire time I wrote in that iteration of my blog. I’m sure that if I read from start to finish it would be painfully obvious, but it took a big shock for me to finally get help. I’m no longer comfortable with having that time in my life on show. Yes, when something’s on the Internet it’s there forever, but there’s a difference between a gaffe and a pattern of denial.

I’m going to keep writing in here. It’s my corner of the internet (it even says so in the tagline!), and I should use it as such. I’m going to attempt to be more varied in my topics, and not be so serious.


Header image from ‘D20 In Macro‘ by SolizPhotography