Steam Sale: The Aftermath

OK, so it happened. And I failed in my budgeting. I was going to keep my spending to about £50 this Sale, and I overspent by quite a lot. In my defence, there were a lot of titles that had good discounts and since I tend to stay away from AAA titles unless they’re really something special, I end up paying more rather than waiting. Call me a bad consumer, but there’s a tipping point where I want to pay the developer for their work.

Looking at my wishlist, I picked up almost all of it. I got Chroma SquadWar for the OverworldRepublique: Remastered, Ori and the Blind Forest and Shadow of Mordor. So far, I’ve only sat down and played War for the Overworld, and damn it’s good, for what I’ve played so far. I doubt I will go into the multiplayer arena but I’m happy with the Campaign and Skirmish.

I did leave behind There Came an Echo and Fantasy Grounds, because they were never a Daily Deal or a Flash Deal. With Fantasy Grounds they offer an Ultimate Edition licence for $10 per group DM, which will probably suit the group’s needs more anyway. But there are more that I bought. So many more.

Ziggurat and Nidhogg were both on my wishlist, and I picked up a 2-pack of Nidhogg because the difference in price was less than a pound for a second licence. Both King’s Bounty: Armored Princess and it’s sequel Dark Side came home with me, as did Road Redemption. The King’s Bounty series is a recommendation from the curation system and Road Redemption is a nostalgia trip. I used to play a lot of Road Rash on the Mega Drive, and I’m up for a spiritual successor to a game I rented for almost a month before having done almost everything there was to do.

I bought Civilisation V purely because Endless Legend opened my eyes to turn based games (and to lose to Julia repeatedly as she laughs maniacally in a Skype call), and I bought the Guardians Expansion to Endless Legend. I don’t know why I bought Space Hulk Ascension Edition, but 75% off was probably the reason. I liked the first Space Hulk, so a modified, more RPG-esque version of the tabletop conversion tempted me on the last day. I blame my Warhammer fandom.

I also picked up Splinter Cell. For less than £2, I’m happy to relive a game from the original Xbox. Finally, I grabbed Command & Conquer: Tiberian Wars and it’s add-on Kane’s Wrath. I think I lost my discs for these games and they were the last Tiberium era games. No, C&C4 was never made. It doesn’t exist. Nope.

All in all, I spent over £100. If it’s a once a year thing, I can deal with it. Now, I have to lick my wounds and figure out how much I need to save for next year. I’m taking bets on how many games I bought that I will never play.

Header image from ‘My Wallet Right Now‘ by Nathan Batson

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