VIDEO – I Dare You To Watch This Entire Video

“Attention is the scalpel you use to cut away the fat from your life, but the Internet has robbed you of it.” 

I’ve liked watching Adam Ruins Everything for a while. It shows, for me as an outsider, what a crazy path the US has taken to becoming the capitalist/corporate behemoth that it is today. There’s a lot I will never understand about the States, but that’s beside the point. Adam Conover looks like this is almost personal for him.

I don’t know who came up with the premise for this video, but it stuck. Sometimes I flick this video open when I find myself becoming too bombarded and appreciate the simplicity of it. Time is the only truly non-renewable resource in our existence, and sometimes I’m wasting mine. Sitting back and watching this again centres me around my own goals and agency towards them.

I, too, dare you to watch this video. If only for the affirmation or reaffirmation that you are in control, if of nothing else, of your senses, thoughts, and motivation.

Welcome to the D&D World!

One of the few purchases that I made during the last Steam Sale was Chronicles of Mystara. After watching ProJared’s video on one of the games in the bundle, I figured it would be fun to play it with Julia and her room-mate. That and I like D&D, though I am definitely new to the game as I only started playing during 5e, the latest rule set.

I played it for a little on my own on the normal setting, got beaten enough times to put me in a bad mood on it (mood swings plus a harsh difficulty curve does not a happy Allan make) on both Tower of Doom and Shadows of Mystara, and quit it. Then Julia and I had little else to do one evening, so we sat down and played it. She picked Elf (both games run on D&D First Edition), and I picked Magic User.

And I couldn’t have been more wrong on my opinion of the games.

We tweaked down the difficulty because it was midnight and I was in a half-awake stupor, and while we ran through the game dying along the way, we had fun. The spells we saved for the boss’ and when we were about to die, and just played it like over-excitable kids with quarters galore. It was great, until Steam decided to bring down it’s Friends system for routine maintenance.

I have every intention of playing it again, though this time perhaps with a couple of friends alongside to boot. Maybe we can actually finish it. Though, I’m sure we’ll still joke how the ‘Shadow Elves’ throws more slaves than warriors at us; they had grey/purple skin, they were Drow, dammit!

If you want to pick it up to play with friends, I’d wait for it to go on sale, as it’s £12 for a single copy and £36 (WTF?!) for a four-pack and the four-pack is what you really want. Trust me, you will want to play it with friends; playing alone is not fun at all.