All right! Nostalgia was caught!

I can’t believe that it’s been twenty years since Pokémon was released. I still remember the Christmas that Mum and Dad bought Pokémon Blue for me, and spending almost all that day playing it, and I only got through to Cerulean City and the second Gym in the game. The only time I put it down was when I was told to and eat Christmas dinner.

I was a kid back then and we all heard the rumours on how to get a Mew, tried and failed, and we all learned about ‘cloning’ Pokémon. Three years later I got Pokémon Gold as a birthday present, and played it even more than I did Blue. I loved the time and day mechanics; my parents caught me more than once playing late at night to catch a Hoothoot, and entering the Bug Catching competition three times a week to catch all of the ones only attainable during the event.

I even unearthed my old Gameboy (I’d been given a Gameboy Pocket in the space between), and transferred only one Pokémon over; Orion, my Starmie. Turns out she was female, since gender was something that was now a thing outside of the Nidorans.

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You Are Tenno. I Will Prepare You.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been engrossed in a game that has given me the chance to rack up three figures in hours played. There’s MMOs, there’s Team Fortress 2 and the Mass Effect series. Since I started playing Warframe, I’ve seen my playtime soar, and I’m feeling better for it.

I played it once before but I don’t think I gave it the attention and head-space that it needed to show off everything it had. With it being in Beta at the time (though it still is now), I wrote it off and moved on. I came back to it about three weeks ago and I’ve honestly not been able to stop since.

The game itself has a very MMO feel to it, though it’s entirely instance-based as opposed to a huge overworld with instanced areas. The game has such a flair to it that it feels like a combination between a shooter and a spectacle fighter, and it looks gorgeous even on my old machine.

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