Time For an Upgrade!

I usually don’t spend more than £500 on a new computer, but this gaming product had me enthralled and I couldn’t help myself. More often than not I’m an incremental upgrader; adding a bit here or a little there, but each time I invest in a new system it’s almost a quantum leap. With this last machine I couldn’t really do that because the motherboard was end-of-life on the socket for the CPU, I already had an SSD in it and the bottlenecks on the motherboard made it so getting a new graphics card wasn’t worth it. It’s gone on for five or so years (though the graphics card is older) and I decided that it was finally time for an upgrade. I’d been saving up for another plan that hadn’t panned out, so I figured I would spend a decent amount, though not only has the game changed in terms of what’s available, but also in terms of the price.

I spent £1520 on a machine that will blow my socks off, and it has just been assembled and is awaiting quality check before being shipped to me. It’s got a 4.4Ghz quad-core i7, 16GB RAM, a 240GB SSD with a 2TB SATA to back it up, with a GTX 1070 from MSI. I’ve never invested this kind of money in a system before, nor have I been this close to the bleeding edge of tech. I always lag behind a couple of generations as best I can to make sure that I get a good deal.

But it also boils down to what am I going to do with this system when I get it (aside from treat it like it’s the Holy Grail when I unpack it) that makes the purchase worthwhile or a waste of power. I know when Camelot Unchained comes out (soon™) I’ll need a really good machine to be able to keep up with everyone, especially since I plan on being a healer. There’s obviously now the chance to play some newer games that I didn’t get purely because of the specs ceiling (I couldn’t play Shadow of Mordor, for example) and no amount of careful tweaking and .ini file editing would change that. But more so for me I’m going to be able to get into making videos again. My current system taxes itself on just playing games, let alone recording them and I’d love to sit down and stream/record Rocket League, or just fool around on Warframe at full settings.

What I’m trying to say is that I’ll be streaming soon, and making a return to making gaming videos, as well as videos in general now that I’m upgrading to hardware that can handle rendering at a reasonable pace. I know that this will feel like a case of following the leader for some, but I’ve been wanting to stream and record older console games for some time and this will finally give me the chance to do so without lag and such. I have every intention of getting it right this time, as I now have the hardware to be in it for the long haul. I’ll write about it more when I have specifics.

Good God am I looking forward to this.

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