Where am I?

…I’m right here!

I’ve been quiet on the blog front for a couple of reasons. First, is that I’m having to buckle down hard on the job. Doing nearly fifty hours a week in five days is not a pretty thought, nor is what it does to me a pretty sight. The main issue that has stopped me being creative lies about fifteen paces from where I sit and type now; my neighbours.

I’ve been dealing with a noise issue since the 9th of October, and things are finally starting to settle back down. I don’t know who is doing it, but I know what the source of the sound is and hearing it for (on some days) fifteen hours makes it a problem. It’s that really bad, chavvy music that just makes me want to punch the wall. If it was melodic dubstep, or metal, or anything that doesn’t feel like techno or garage then I wouldn’t be so aggravated by it. By feel, by the way, I mean feel the bass throughout my flat to the other damn side of it. It really got me down, and it’s really easy to get me to that place now that the days are getting shorter.

For the longest time, I felt like I was dealing with it alone because it felt like nobody wanted to help. The police claimed it was an Environmental Health issue, despite it blaring out at 3:30am on a Sunday through their open windows. Only now is their landlord starting to take action, after a month of reports. Oddly enough, the local council is the one that was with me pretty much all the way and in regular contact. Now they are in hot water from all three.

But this has taken it’s toll on my creativity. Outside of The Bull’s Horn, I’ve not been able to get much done and the reason TBH wasn’t effected was because it’s a conversational podcast with a little research involved. Getting into WoW on the days when they just keep blaring it out made it easier to deal with. Though, I’ve only just gotten level 105. I don’t get how people can just sit down and play it all day, every day. It’s impressive, don’t get me wrong, but I find it sometimes really quite boring. Though, I daresay that the dungeons don’t make that any easier. Most of them are just HP sponges and since I play a tank, it takes a while to get them down. They’ve made it so questing is now pretty much the only viable option to level, which is a huge switch from the previous expansions. Currently on my third continent in the Broken Isles though, so I’m making progress.

All in all, things are going to get better. From what I can tell I’m going from nearly fifty hours a week to thirty-six, and I’m gaining a rest day back so I’ll have more time to do things and make stuff. Just a case of figuring out what those things and that stuff should be next.

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