Twitch Talk – Q3

I thought it would be best, as it is a goal of mine to reach Affiliate status on Twitch, that I should write about Twitch as well as broadcasting on it. If nothing else, it’s something for me to look at when I’m feeling down and realise how much progress I have made. I’ll write this sort of an entry every three months or so, as a way of keeping track of the figures.

First off, metrics to look at (this will be slightly skewed as I am including the first 10 days in October in Q3, but I also didn’t stream until halfway through August).

  • Streams: 35
  • Followers: 22 (+22)
  • Views: 1308 (+352)
  • Games Streamed: Foxhole, Rocket League, Space Hulk: Deathwing, Retro (Stonekeep and VtM: Bloodlines)

Looking at the figures, I streamed days more often than I did not, gained 2 followers a week and about 20 views per week. I know for a fact that the views figure is more like 20 views a stream now, but when I started it was pretty much guildies and nothing else. Not only that, but I am learning the various avenues for social media that I need to utilise to grow, mostly Twitter and Discord.

In regards to games, most of my streams were in the Retro category as I was playing RPGs that required a good amount of hours put into them (Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, and Stonekeep). This category is flexible and has probably contributed to the vast majority of my growth.

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