Some Time Later…

I’m always quiet in the early months of the year, it seems. It doesn’t help that I try and bury myself in the work that I do, or just end up curling up in my flat on the weeks that I have off. I’m terrible for taking regular holiday, so I end up with almost a month of time for me to take and I end up taking it all off before April hits. It also means that my creativity takes a backseat as well.

This year seems particularly bad when it comes to this, but this is the first winter that I have been off my antidepressants. Couple that with not being able to enjoy my motorcycle thanks to the temperatures, I get very unenthusiastic with a lot of things. I think my friends are picking up on that but they haven’t said anything. The weather is warming up, and I hope that since I’m not working Sundays again for a bit that I will be able to go out and just ride again. I use my motorcycle as a way to block out everything else in the world and focus on the road; it was therapeutic and helped me. It wouldn’t hurt to gain some of my confidence back, either.

Cyrus has been helping, with us delving into Conan: Exiles on our private server. Redh is probably going to tweak some of the XP requirements today if there’s no objections. For me, it means that levelling will be a steady pace even though I’m about halfway through the levels now. Having bought ARK through Humble Monthly, but never really able to sit down and enjoy it because I didn’t ‘get’ it, Conan was the first in a new genre to me (aside from Minecraft), and playing it on the new PC is awesome. Most of the games that I was playing before it were optimised for less powerful specs as well as top-end machines so I didn’t really see the benefit, like Warframe or Rocket League. But Conan puts my PC through it’s paces and the end result is gorgeous. It, along with DOOM, has sold me on the fact that I made the right decision in getting a high-end machine. I also put the SSD from my old machine into the new one to give it more space for games. I remember when 250MB was enough, let alone 250GB!

Next step is going to be me buying a new set of audio gear for recording. I want to get back into YouTube, both in making videos and streaming to it or Twitch. I keep saying it, but the more I think about it, the more I want to do it. I need something creative to keep my mind occupied, but something that I can also do somewhat on my own. A podcast is great, and is in my wheelhouse but finding not only a subject, but people that can devote the energy to it at the right time is difficult due to my work. I’ve found a studio set-up that includes a condenser mic, audio interface and headphones that people in the production field are happy with as a newbie’s first purchase, and people that use it for voice both in and out of YouTube say the same. It is £158, or about £50 per item and that isn’t bad value at all considering what is in there. My current kit is not only old, but in comparison to what is on the market, it is low-end. My GoMic is six years old and misses a lot of the bass tone in my voice and my headphones are a decade old and bleed like fuck while having a shallow low-end. It’s time for an upgrade, and I’d rather upgrade to quality while spending a little more.

There’s not much more else to say; that I want to say at last. There’s personal stuff flying around that I’d rather not talk about at all, let alone on here, but my family is here for me, and my friends are too. I should learn to talk to them more often. Keeping in touch with people makes me feel more content with bad situations, even those that are beyond my control.

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