UPlay, or not UPlay?

I’m the type of person that tends to hold grudges against companies for a long time, if they’re doing something anti-consumer, or just shady as all hell. One of the reasons that I’ve been so loyal to Steam (my account is now 9 years old) is because while they may have been tweaking things on the back end, aside from a couple of issues (latest being the 2015 Cache-tastrophe) there’s been very little in ways of issues for the consumer. Not so much for EA’s Origin, and Ubisoft’s UPlay. They have both had their fair share of problems, anti-consumer DRM, and generally sloppy attempts at trying to beat Steam at their own game that they have been playing for well over a decade. EA’s Origin originally took 20% of CPU power just to run, and both EA and Ubisoft had anti-consumer, always-online DRM that only spurred gamers further to find out how to break it. “SimCity is not an offline experience”, except when it is after a modder figures it out is a perfect example of this.

But times have changed. I’m still something of a die-hard Steam user, but I also use Origin, if only for the ‘On the House’ games and the Mass Effect Collection that I bought in order to play the trilogy without having to fire up the Xbox 360. But UPlay is one that I have always avoided putting on my machine, not just because of the software itself, but because of what hte company stands for as a whole. Cyrus, and more honestly, Redh, changed that and encouraged me to buy the Division now that I have a good gaming computer that can handle it.

So far, I have to admit that I’m enjoying it, although I wouldn’t enjoy playing it alone; I’ve often felt that about a lot of the games I play that are geared in any way towards multiplayer; I have to be playing with people I know otherwise the game just isn’t enough to hold me anymore. Redh asked me if gaming is still something that I want to do, and I was honest; I said that while Cyrus may not be the reason I game, gaming is definitely the reason that I am with Cyrus. There’s not that many of us anymore, but that also means that the ties are a lot stronger and there’s a lot more banter going on. I’m not going to say that I experienced enough to say whether the game is good or not, but from what I have been told a lot of effort has now been focussed on the endgame, which is good for a title that has frankly a small amount of levelling opposed to most MMO titles.

The game looks gorgeous on my computer, and for the money that I spent on the tower it damn well should be! I am getting the gaming itch again now that I’m seeing recent titles on my PC and cranked up to Ultra. I don’t have a gaming monitor yet and I’m sure that is what I will end up getting next. My current monitor maxes out at 60fps and that while I am used to playing at 30fps I am sure that 120 or 140 would look objectively better.

Honestly though, we could be playing a MUD and I feel that if I was playing with the group that I am in right now and everyone was engaged, we would be absolutely fine. It doesn’t hurt that the game is gorgeous and has a rather insidious plot (something I mentioned multiple times during the unskippable intro that played twice because I had to ALT+TAB out the first time), and the gameplay is pretty engaging, at least for now. Hopefully we’ll be in the Dark Zone in a week or two.

I feel like I should make a joke when I say that.

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  1. hotneedle

    Probobly one of the better things to come out of Uplay is Rainbow 6 siege, its quite a good game if you have that hardcore PVP itch. As for origin i have it for the free games mostly and to play BF4.Over all there still not as good or as functional as steam and never will be as they limit what games are put on there storefront too much.


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