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I have a Twitch account. You all know that right?

Of course you don’t, because I never use it.

That is going to change. Mainly because I have invested far too much money in hardware that is meant for streaming, to stop just before I get to the point where I am ready to actually do it. A fair few people around me already stream regularly, and while some do it for the money (and seem to be only interested in it for the money), I want to do it because I think I would be good at it. As much as YouTube is about the personality, it is more often than not also about high quality video editing and gaming the system. Twitch appears to be less so, so long as you have a decent connection and a good PC to stream and play on.

I have gone beyond purchasing gear to just use for Voice Chat in games. I bought myself a full XLR microphone and interface set to make sure that not only would I have good quality but I would be future-proofed. I also bought the Elgato Stream Deck, on release, mainly for it’s integrations with OBS, but also because it can be used for hotkeys and shortcuts without the need to memorise key combinations and modifiers.

I need something to stay focussed on, and that means also being committed. I’m a perfectionist, and that means that nothing with me is ever really finished. I, even now, spend hours proofing and editing after publishing anything online to get everything right, or even deleting and pasting a tweet back in (which must be a nightmare for anyone I’m responding to). I constantly mess around with my blog layout. And in that, I have been messing around with my OBS layout without actually using it.

I’m going to do my first stream on Sunday 6th August, at 19:30 UK time. Cyrus is doing a Foxhole night and I’d rather take the opportunity to get started with friends to distract. I’m definitely self-aware when recording, so I expect streaming to be worse. Obviously, I’m at twitch.tv/kaecyus, so I hope to find out who reads this blog regularly on Sunday!

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  1. Julia D Williams

    You’ll excel at it, you always do when you set yourself to something 🙂 i love streaming, so much so i tend to get a bit addicted to it. Just remember to keep it fun and it’ll be okay.


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