Twitch Talk – Q3

I thought it would be best, as it is a goal of mine to reach Affiliate status on Twitch, that I should write about Twitch as well as broadcasting on it. If nothing else, it’s something for me to look at when I’m feeling down and realise how much progress I have made. I’ll write this sort of an entry every three months or so, as a way of keeping track of the figures.

First off, metrics to look at (this will be slightly skewed as I am including the first 10 days in October in Q3, but I also didn’t stream until halfway through August).

  • Streams: 35
  • Followers: 22 (+22)
  • Views: 1308 (+352)
  • Games Streamed: Foxhole, Rocket League, Space Hulk: Deathwing, Retro (Stonekeep and VtM: Bloodlines)

Looking at the figures, I streamed days more often than I did not, gained 2 followers a week and about 20 views per week. I know for a fact that the views figure is more like 20 views a stream now, but when I started it was pretty much guildies and nothing else. Not only that, but I am learning the various avenues for social media that I need to utilise to grow, mostly Twitter and Discord.

In regards to games, most of my streams were in the Retro category as I was playing RPGs that required a good amount of hours put into them (Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, and Stonekeep). This category is flexible and has probably contributed to the vast majority of my growth.

Looking towards Q4 (12th October to 31st December), I’m going to be looking at upgrading my stream in terms of quality. A webcam and green screen is a definite for the purchase list, but also to increase the variety of games I stream. As much as I like playing older titles, I have every intention of playing newer ones. November’s first week is going to see me purchasing both a remaster of .hack//G.U. and Nioh, so I will be playing those on stream; I may use the opportunity with the former to do a series of longer streams, or perhaps a single really long stream. Newer games will hopefully spur on growth, but I don’t want to hop on the latest title each time and become like every other streamer; I would much rather be known as a streamer that ‘gits gud’ as opposed to hopping from title to title.

I also plan on doing a Dark Souls run; it feels like a rite of passage for twitch streamers to do it at least once, and since I’ve never played it I have the chance to go in blind.

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  1. Redh

    Don’t forget about YouTube. Not everyone can see your stream live, and while there are full VODs on Twitch, YouTube is a good option to grow your audience by uploading highlights videos.

    The full runtime will put off many, but if you can attract new visitors with a short 5 minutes highlight video they may just stick around! Especially as these visitors will be searching for something more specific.

    Also, webcam will certainly help 🙂


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