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When I change the look of this site, I often sit down and think as to what I would want to change and lean into that. Do I want a simpler design, or a more involved one? Is the site too dark, or too bright? How would I want to view this content rather than how I am viewing it now? I also tweak more than overhaul, especially since I started paying for my themes rather than downloading them; I’m adverse to paying for one theme let alone several!

This time it felt like I was needing a serious change as I have gone through the same. To be honest in 2020 I think everyone has; more people than normal have had sufficient time with themselves to do a decent amount of introspection, be it with themselves or spending time with God, or both. We’ve also reached out in unfamiliar ways; I can say that spending Sunday mornings on Zoom pales in comparison to actually going to church (however I can’t help but appreciate the lie-in).

It is because of that I have been remiss in writing, or indeed any sort of creation beyond what has been necessary or a momentary fancy. I haven’t invested any real time in anything that is personal, something that I was ignorant to until the last couple of months.

That is why I’ve changed this blog to be just that; a blog. Not a gathering of my social hubs, with intricate hooks to APIs (save for a couple that are actually worth keeping), and certainly not a portfolio of works I have yet to create or conceptualise; but just a blog, with a few links and images that relate. That’s what this place was, and what it should’ve stayed.

Just a blog.

Featured Image – Joe Pickard

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