Hanging up my Wings.

I always knew this day would come, but I never really acknowledged it. I’ve finally decided to kick the bucket on Aion, and end my subscription.

Why? I have nothing else to do of any value. Miragent was the last hurdle for me, and I have that now. I have the full set of armour, and I’m not going to hang around simply to get a weapon that is inferior to the one I have right now. And with the Protectors of Elysium disbanding as a legion, I had one link to Aion; someone who doesn’t really play the game anymore. She’s moved on to RIFT, and so have I. We’ve gone in different directions guild-wise, but she’s a friend I want to keep in touch with.

However, in saying this, I have a public apology to make. I said that I would restart the Daevacast, and this is obviously not going to happen now. There was quite a bit of interest, so I’m going to make this plain:

I am sorry that I brought everyone’s hopes up only to dash them again.

I had honestly thought that I was going to stay for a while longer. I resurrected my old audio files and templates, bought a new microphone to make my voice sound clearer/richer, and all that jazz. But with everything happening with PoE, my fire just got put out from under me. I honestly could’ve done without the expense, but hey.

Like I said previously, I’ll be moving onto RIFT shortly. Less effort needed, and I think that the amount of effort required to get anywhere in Aion was another reason I couldn’t see myself playing anymore. However, when 2.5 hits, I will be back to try the new instances (especially the Boss rooms; they look pretty damn awesome) and we’ll see if things stick like glue again.

I played for 23 months. Logged over 2600 hours on Xfire and Raptr combined. I completed my game of Aion.

So I wanted to thank the following people:

Redh, Diabolique, Kataya, Laryssa, Ash [Cysgod], Ecto, Saddoma, Evaeliz, Jonno [Even though we didn’t always see eye to eye], Rathu, Shinlore, Eilan, Ayden, Tikaus, Roselynn, Aeludyn.

I also wanted to thank Brett, Greg and Matt for helping make the Daevacast what it was, and everyone in the community for supporting us during our time being active.

Daemion, Knute, Jormungandr, Ouka, Theeslan and Hedonist; signing off.


3 Responses to “Hanging up my Wings.”

  • You will be missed! Best wishes and always fly high

  • All good things come to an end buddy, and I think we both know Aion…….. is not a good thing these days. PoE was, and it made Aion worth playing. Forget RIFT, it’s shit :D Come to SWTOR, it hits Sept (4 measly months) which is plenty time to brush up on the old SW lore! Others from PoE are doing it.

    There’s a SWTOR podcast with your name on it! Come claim it!

  • Looking at that picture again made me all nostalgic. I honestly hope I’ll see you in SWTOR to create something wonderful again. In the meanwhile, I hanged up my wings just near yours.

    Fly high, Mighty One :)

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