Meta Meta Meta Meta… (META!)

Well it’s been over a month, and I haven’t written anything. It’s not for lack of ideas though. It’s lack of motivation. I can’t blame work this time, I’m just in a bit of a creative lull. People that know me know that I’m just not being my normal self at the moment. I haven’t had those moments of immaturity that are my muse. I’ve had a few over the last few days, and I’ve written a few things down as I come across them, but actually following through is where my problem lies.

So, I have a few entries I’ll be working on. One of which will only be interesting to a select few of you that have a Wii (hint; I actually got my monies worth, and it’s not through piracy), and another will only be interesting to those that play Aion. As will yet another.

I’ve chosen a theme for the site, and I’ll be going back in time. Like, way back, to when I still had (this was before I did anything for GameOnYouUK) . It’s a nice theme with a lot of tweaks that I can work with. I was honestly going to follow in someone’s footsteps, but I did that before and it cost me a friendship. So I’ll go my own way, and make my site unique.

Alright, from here on out I stop with the Meta stuff. Blogging about stuff that’s happening on my blog isn’t relevant, and it just pisses people off. So no more. Expect something by the end of the week.

Oh, and new computer soon. Yes, I will have pics.

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