Heaven or Hell! Duel 1: Let’s Rock!

I promised, and all was quiet. I got one item out. So, time for a recap.

I wanted to post a rant last night on the economy of my server in Aion (Perento), and that is still coming. However, my new PC started lacking reliability after a little while. The whole thing turned off, but the fans kept running. I let this go on for a few days, and then started tinkering to try and get it to work. It seems that reseating the CPU and setting the BIOS to defaults has worked, and it hasn’t gone down in the last ten days or so. Considering we had the ‘Indian Summer’¬†that tested my fans (to the point where they were peaking at about 5400RPM on the CPU fan), and the Ascension Festival in Aion these last two weeks meant that my computer needed to be on a long time (the reason I started spotting these problems), I would say the problem is fixed.

Now while I’ve been going through almost every software issue available (including reinstalling Windows), I’ve remade acquaintances with my Wii. I rented Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus, and I’ve pretty much been addicted to it. It’s a simple fighting game, but with the use of the classic controller it becomes playable, and downright fun. I haven’t even tried any of the modes other than Arcade, but that’s because I’m determined to beat Slayer, who is the penultimate opponent. I’ve got no idea how to beat him and more often than not I turn my Wii off in frustration. If you have a classic controller, just get it. ¬£13.99 is a steal for what’s on the disc, and it’s a very retro hand-drawn feel, something I feel recent fighting games should appreciate but don’t.

So this week I’m working on a video intro to my content. Got a good idea from working on some sample projects from Videocopilot, so we’ll see what comes of it. My old one is too long, and too low quality. I’m going to blog, and my rant on idiocy in MMOs is imminent.

Oh, and I just completed my first piece of Balic gear. Didn’t crit, but I’m not angry it didn’t. Just means another piece to work on when I have a full set and can concern myself with proc’ing eternals.

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