Let the Kine sink or swim.

You know, I really wanted to come up and say that I’d made some progress, that I’d finally started a ball rolling. But I haven’t. Very little has changed since I last wrote in terms of where my projects are. However, I spawned a new one that will help be get some conviction back, and hopefully a sense of timekeeping again. It’s a project I said I was going to start about a year ago, but something that’s more fleshed out than that. I’ve got the domain name, but I’m looking for a fresh hosting account to see if I can bring a few things under my umbrella a bit more. As much as I appreciate Zach hosting some of my stuff, I want total ownership of it. The Daevacast is a good example; I want to try and keep that site online if I can, but I can’t do it if it’s on someone else’s hosting.

In gaming, I’ve delved into an old classic I had on cheap a while ago: Vampire the Masquerade – Bloodlines. Even though the amount of hoops I had to jump through was insane to get it working, I love it. I find it compelling to play repeatedly, which is something I haven’t felt in a while in a single-player game. I’m playing a Tremere Eldritch Prodigy; basically I get a free level in Thaumaturgy in expense for losing one EXP from each quest that gives me more than 3. And since that free level costs 20 EXP, so far I’m still in pocket. Oh, and I get to make people commit suicide on demand. Yes, it is satisfying to have an enemy kill themselves.

Back in the real world, I’ve changed department in my job. I’ll be honest; as much as I loved working with the people I worked with, the job was just too stressful. Everything was something I felt I had to do. I guess I’m just not built for a team that have a common objective but no definite pass-off boundaries.  I’m working stock while still doing some stock control (arguably more than I did before), and I’m enjoying it. Because I’m the only person on my department when things other than stock need to be done, I can say that everything is my problem to fix. And it gets done. I come home happy again, which is something I’ve missed.

I’ve got a few Aion-related entries in mind, but you won’t see them on here now. Latest project will hold them. And since I have a time-frame, I guess I’d best get busy. :]

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  • Daevacast will be up as long as you want it to be, I won’t take it down on you. If you do get some new hosting and decide you want to throw Daevacast up on that let me know, if it’s still Site5 I’ll have them do the transfer.

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