Catch Up!

I know I said that I would be making an overhaul on my blog, but once again K2 has won me over. I actually downgraded to the 1.0 release rather than 1.1 release candidate. It’s a bit more stable, and it doesn’t have the keyboard shortcuts that annoyed the hell out of me when I was typing in my password. So, lets get the bullets out of the way.

  • I passed my driving test! Six minors, managed to stall my car and still pass. Next step is to get my CBT done and get a motorcycle.
  • I left Aion again. I have every intention to come back as a casual player when 3.0 comes out, but I’m pretty much done with Aion until the new patch hits.
  • I tried World of Warcraft. Lasted about a month before I just distanced myself from it. It wasn’t deliberate, it just happened. I guess it was more all the catching up I had to do.
  • I played a lot of Mass Effect 3 and gave in to Freemium-style items. I regret nothing. (so far 153 hours)
  • I’ve started trying to eat better in terms of fruit and nuts. Got bags of dried fruit that I nibble a few pieces from rather than having a chocolate bar. Still need to eat better at work, though.
  • flopped. It was meant to help reignite my desire to play Aion, but with co-host potentials either outright ignoring me, and my love for the game waning because I felt I’d done everything until 3.0, it didn’t work.
  • I have no projects on the go at the moment, and this makes me simultaneously disappointed in my creativity and itching to dig into something finite and I can just go nuts, then say I’m done and walk away.
  • Had a new computer! Finally upgraded from the Dell I had before. A custom build in a NZXT Vulcan. Runs/Ran Aion like a dream on highest quality, and eats up my other games.

My reason for quitting Aion again? Every PvP Encounter became this:

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