I’m Famous!

…Well, sort of.

I bought the complete collection of ‘Sharing is Caring’, by Dan Bull. While the entire collection stood at over a fiver, I still bought it. I felt like I was buying my part of a small revolution, as well as a test.

Things haven’t been going so well in the UK digitally. From The Pirate Bay being blocked outright on the biggest ISPs courtesy of pressure from the BPI (Bye Bye BPI), to laws that could possibly leave us with no privacy at all for legal surveillance, rather than the sliver of privacy we still retain from commercialism and adverts. We’re all in it together, unless you can pay your way out of Big Brother’s view, and it makes for chilling concepts. Downloading a show you’ve watched on TV, still paying your TV License fee and it’s a BBC program? You’ll still have to defend yourself. Helping a potential revolution in the future? You could be tried for terrorism. This new stand on digital actions is poison.

Dan made a song called ‘Sharing is Caring’, and as well as giving it away for free, he offered people that wanted the opportunity to support him the chance to do so, by paying a token sum of 59p. And if you bought all 10 versions (one for each chart, I assume), you got thanked in the video below. I’m at about 3:08, thanked by my moniker, since online that’s more who I am.

The end result? ‘Sharing is Caring‘ reached #9 on the Indie charts, #35 on the RnB charts, and #1 in the Reggae charts with a listed remix. All that with a song that was available for free, with word-of-mouth, label-free promotion, with an option to pay to have your vote counted, and a special thank you (a la Kickstarter) for those that bought the entire collection.

I’ll admit, I had thoughts of maybe hearing him on the top 40, but those are just dreams for now. Next time, Dan?


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