‘Perils of Summer’ include: Your Wallet getting emptied by Valve.

This last week or so has been dominated by one thing in the world of PC gaming; Steam’s ‘Perils of Summer’ Sale, dedicated to the Independance Day weekend, and giving everyone the chance to get a lot of awesome games on the cheap.

Now almost everyone that I talk with knows that I have a problem with Digital Distribution. Despite being a younger gamer, I’m one of those that likes holding something physical, and will often buy the Special or Collectors’ Edition of a game to make sure that I get that tactile experience. I’m not one to look at manuals on the way home, but having a disc on my shelf is much more self-serving than an icon on the desktop, or a launch link on my Xbox 360. All the same, when the prices are as low as Steam’s were, you have to make an exception.

My Steam library has gone up by 5 games, and I spent just under £20 for the entire lot! I bought:

  • Counterstrike: Source
  • Deus Ex: GOTY Edition
  • Deus Ex: Invisible War
  • Killing Floor
  • Defence Alliance 2 (Killing Floor Mod)
  • Left 4 Dead 2

Since then, both Sam & Max 104 and Trackmania Nations Forever both for the awesome price of £0.00.

I would’ve posted day by day, but I would much rather you go to bitsofjoy and read that; I’m not a pure PC gamer and Dave is, and loves to be cost effective. :]

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to play some games.

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