Author Bio.

My name is Allan. I’m a motorcyclist, both in transport and as a hobby. I love playing D&D, and (very) occasionally I write.

Why the moniker?

A geeky play on a geeky name brought about by a geeky past-time. Because it was unique, it became my name on almost everything online.

Why a blog?

I have been blogging since 2005. I originally started blogging on Livejournal (the results of which are here), and stayed there until 2009. I started this website in 2008 to try and get an online hub away from the one provided by my ISP, and then used this one solely. A few revisions later, and here we are.

It’s stuck through me returning to Livejournal, a brief fling with Tumblr, and a six year bout of depression.

I write when I can about what I want, and that’s pretty much all I can say about what the blog is about.

A bit more?

I studied Chemistry, CCNA (Initial Cisco Networking Course), an NVQ in Systems Deployment and Maintenance, and A-Level ICT. I did not pass all of these

Beyond riding on two wheels and losing to people half my age online, I like to read. Making the time for it is the problem, as you can tell by my badly kept goodreads page.

You can get in touch with me via email @ mail[at]kaecy[dot]us.

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