Twitch [23rd Aug ’17] – Yet Moar Foxhole!

We moved onto Dog6 for this session as the map that was in place on Sulfur was a stalemate; the map had a huge river running in it with all bridges destroyed. We got into a good amount of combat, and I accidentally revealed key intel to the enemy. Turns out I didn’t learn the chat functions correctly and pressed TAB when the chat window wasn’t active. Oops. We also got mowed down by trucks (repeatedly), and I got a friendly-fire Hit and Run with a motorcycle. Not necessarily in that order.

The next stream for Foxhole will be taking place on Sunday 27th August at 1930BST.

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Twitch [22nd Aug ’17] – Enjoy the Embrace (pt2)

After discovering the ancient art of opening doors, we finally make it through some of the fantastic content that VtM: Bloodlines has to offer! In this stream, we go through the Ocean Hotel quest, and fail entirely at combat afterward in the Warehouse after being sent there by Bertram Tung. Also, we discover family issues with the Voerman sisters.

The next streams for Bloodlines will be taking place on Thursday 24th August at 1800BST, then on Saturday 26th August at 1830BST.

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R.I.P. First Assault Online

After less than two years being publicly available, the latest Ghost in the Shell game is now in the process of shutting down. It’s sad but not unexpected, as the title has suffered, and laboured, under it’s status as a Free-to-Play title after being paid for as part of Steam’s Early Access program.

The game itself has a simple idea; you’re an Operative of Section 9, from Ghost in the Shell. Choose from the Major (Motoko Kusanagi), Batou, Togusa, Saito, Pazu, Borma or Ishikawa. Log in, kill things, get better weapons, continue killing things. It could be considered a first person, GitS-sourced version of Warframe, albeit with far-less stellar results. But there were many faults with the game, at least from my standpoint.

(NOTE: I stopped playing at the release of 2.0 because it felt like it was trying to emulate Overwatch and it’s ilk by becoming a ‘hero shooter’. So all explanations were pre-2.0, which dropped July 17th 2017)

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Twitch [22nd Aug ’17] – Terminatus Mission!

It is time to bring to an end our time as a Deathwing Terminator, Brothers! This is the last stream on the game as I bring the adventures of Brother Barachiel, Brother Nahum and Brother Librarian (ME!) to a close.

All in all, I could only recommend the game when it is on sale, and heavily so. It’s price was £17.99 when I bought it, and that would not have been a purchase had I not been given a £10 Steam gift card a day or so prior. While I will say that I had fun with the game, it’s not worth the purchase price right now.

Twitch [16th Aug ’17] – For the Emperor!

Brandish your Chainswords and fortify your souls, Brothers! Today we continue our venture into Space Hulk: Deathwing after discovering the Caliban’s Will as part of the Space Hulk! With more genetics references than white supremacists can dream of, we delve deeper into the Olethros and Caliban’s Will to secure the geneseed pods and stop the Xenos scum from escaping.

All in a day’s work for a Brother Librarian, really.