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KaePlays – March 2014


It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’m going to make this a monthly deal. It stops me from saying ‘I’m playing this again‘ for the third week in a row (if I manage to do three entries in a row), and is just easier for me to plan when I want to write. I’m also going to, for this entry only, include some games from February since I missed them entirely or I had them in a Pile of Shame Draft.

I decided to delve into some of the games that I bought during the Winter Sale but hadn’t claimed, since they were just sitting in my inventory. (PROtip: Never buy a Steam game for ‘Yourself’ unless you know you’re going to play it immediately. Gift it to your own inventory so you can give it away or trade for another title if it was a bad purchase). The first one was Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box, and it was a nostalgia trip. I’ve got Burnout Paradise on the XBOX 360, but that’s boxed up in my wardrobe right now. I remember it was fun and the graphics were not mind blowing but the frame rate was smooth. Only thing I miss is the DLC, and that’s because the store is no longer up, but there are ways to get it. A few hours in and I realised why I put down the game; to get a Burnout Licence (the end goal of the game) you have to complete every single challenge on the map (apart from Burning Routes, I think). It gets a bit repetitive. For the price paid it was worth it.

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Pile of Shame – 19th January 2013


Having a week off for me is usually about sitting around and doing nothing. I tend to have very small lists of things to get on with that take little to no time each. I didn’t do that this time, and I’ve managed to get a lot done. I’ve moved some furniture around so I’m not daisy-chaining extension cables (dangerous and stupid, but hey) and while I could do with getting a small table or something similar, I finally no longer need to shut my curtains all the time to block the sunlight from making it impossible for me to see the screen. I also used the week off as an opportunity to enjoy some of the games that have sat on my Pile of Shame for a while.

The first one I tore into was Typing of the Dead: Overkill. This was a title I bought during the winter sales and I was pretty much jumping on it as soon as I could. The drive behind the purchase was that I couldn’t find a legal copy of the original TotD (which is a crying shame) without spending silly amounts. But the sad truth is that this is not the better version of TotD. Overkill is more a step backward compared to what was in the original. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lot of fun, it just lacks. Take the bosses as an example: During the Tower in the original, you had to answer a question correctly by typing in the answer before the timer ran out. There was nothing like that in Overkill, just single-letter attacks to drop flying projectiles, and long phrases before the enemy attacked. No training mode either, something that was welcome in Typing of the Dead as the game taught touch-typing. That was the point of TotD; making learning a skill fun. While fun, this is not the title I was looking for and will probably bewilder anyone that hasn’t heard of the original. The title also includes the original House of the Dead: Overkill, so that’s something. Pity you can’t really find a PC Light Gun to play it with.

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Winter Sale 2013 – My Sack is Bulging


Another Winter Sale has been and gone, and I find myself looking at the small pile of change I have from my purchases and weep a little. Of course I joke about the weeping, but there is something to be said when someone like me purchases a lot of titles during a sale for a few pounds each time, then has a look at the total. The Winter Sale for me is the only time that I don’t go by a budget. It’s more a treat for me so I just try not to go crazy and make it so I’m broke before the end of the month.

What was surprising to me was that more of my money was spent on GoG, for the second time in a row, than was spent on Steam. I seem to enjoy the older titles more than the newer ones. Maybe that’s because of the sheen that nostalgia puts on retro games, or just because I’m further out of the PC gaming scene than I have been before. Regardless, I doubt the trend will continue. I used GoG’s wishlist pretty much exclusively for my purchases so it was stuff that I knew I had wanted for a while. And that’s just it; there’s only so many games that I want from their library, and I try to keep GoG as my retro library so I get recent titles from Steam.

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