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Something I need to say.

I can’t believe it’s been six months since I’ve written here. I wish I could tell you where the time has gone but I honestly can’t. I have no idea where the last six months have gone, aside from a few big events.

Long story short, things happened. Nothing bad happened, I think.

I wanted to take a moment to address the to-do list I made at the beginning of the year, and I’ll explain why afterwards. Looking at the list, I see a lot of ultimately superficial stuff which was honestly to help fix my procrastination by just keeping things ticking over. There were life-altering things like getting my full motorcycle licence, but it is mostly things that were to try to get over my habit of just putting things off. So, I’m removing most of them, or rather striking them through and rewriting some of them. I’ve kept the Extra Life goal because it’s one day in the year that I’ve already booked time off to take part. But the reason for everything else being struck off or slimmed down to one item is this. And behind the keyboard, I’m taking a big breath here.

Three months ago, Julia and I began the application for me to immigrate to America and for us to marry.


We’ve got another three months before the average processing time is passed, and that is by no means a concrete deadline. So now, we’re stuck in a holding pattern in terms of moving me over there. I’m saving, selling and condensing everything down for the big flight. I’ve found an airline that’ll let me take more luggage for a modest fee with some extra benefits on top, so I’m looking at getting everything I want to take with me aside from clothes on a bookcase, and just selling the rest. If I wasn’t so attached to so many things, it’d be easy.

A lot of it is media, things that I could download and watch, or burn and play. Things like the Blood Omen series, or Ace Combat, or my TNA DVDs. Honestly, a lot of it is stuff that are fandoms of mine and as such are difficult to let go. A lot of it is also things that I can’t sell until I know I’m approved; things like my motorcycle and my PC.

I am looking around my room, the room that has been the same since I was six years old. Same wallpaper, same Artex walls and ceiling. Same door with the silly Splash Plastic sticker I put on it when I was bored one day. Almost all the furniture has changed, but I’m a man that thrives on things remaining the same. Push one boundary at a time.

I’m going from being a single 25 year-old male living in his parents house (while paying board) with a steady 30-45 hour job, to a 26 year-old married man living on another continent with no immediate employment or income.

If I said I wasn’t afraid I would be not only lying, I would be a fool. But then I ask myself this; how can I have courage if I’m not afraid in the first place? I love her, and that’s all I need to know.

What’s going on?

This is honestly the first time I’ve logged into my blog or even looked at the stats in nearly a month. I can’t say that it’s because I’ve been doing something incredibly time-consuming that will hopefully pan out, or a project that I’ve been working on. I’ve not been doing anything of note recently and that’s the real reason.

It’s not been a nice winter in this part of the world. Parts of the US had real issues (some places still) with snow, but in the UK it’s been all about floods. We would’ve been in the same spot as America had our storms not been coming in from the southwest and not just due west from one continent to the next. We were lucky where I live, purely because all we received was the terrible weather. No flooding because we live on a hill with the county effectively on a hill itself. There were a few moments during the heavy wind that I had to stop in the middle of the road; if I didn’t, the wind would’ve carried me over into oncoming traffic. It’s not over yet but I think the worst is over for this year.

Speaking of the bike, it’s been an expensive month. A new front tyre (Dad thought it was still the original from 2006 and I am in agreement) and a new brake disc. What does that mean? It means that I’m £160 down. Having said that, I’m happy that we caught it now than while getting ready for the MOT. I usually expect a three-figure sum going into that, so having paid for the largest chunk of it now makes it less of a sting closer to the date. I still expect to have a big bill regardless. If it’s small I get to treat myself instead.

I finally decided to give LootCrate a spin after hearing more and more about it. It lasted all of two months before I made the choice to cancel. I have to pay $30 a month for it where anyone in the US pays $20. I get that the extended shipping costs make it more expensive but when I can get a t-shirt to me for $15 including international shipping I’m suspicious. That and, if I’m being totally honest, so far I’ve been nothing but disappointed with them.

This last one had (I think) four pieces of Gas Powered Stick related things. What is a Gas Powered Stick? It’s a reference to an episode of an animated series exclusive to the web from the same people who made Adventure time. That is not ‘geek Loot’. That is fandom fapping. I’ve cancelled pretty close to the billing date, but I’m glad I didn’t wait a year to do it. I’ll stick with paying £39 a year for a magazine subscription.

I honestly can’t wait for this month to end. There’s been a lot of things I’ve done and that was done to me that cannot be taken back. I’m running the line on my budgeting, and I’m waiting for things to get back to a state of normality before I can move things along with my education and having enough free time to work on long-term goals. I have said this a lot to people I care about but now my wheels aren’t even spinning to get a good start off the grid. I’m just waiting.

Waiting sucks.

January’s Book: Arcade Mania!


As part of my To-Do List for 2014, I said that I would read at least one book a month as best I could. It made sense for me to write about each book that I read, if only to write about something that I appreciate.

Arcade Mania! The Turbo-Charged World of Japan’s Game Centers is a book that I’ve had for a while. I bought it when I was obsessively into gaming culture both as a spectator and participator. Asia’s gaming culture, Japan’s in particular, always had me curious. I was a big fan of Pokémon (I still am, though not so strongly) and that was the gateway in. I never really let it expand beyond Pocket Monsters because I was earning less than half of what I do now and spending half of that on a loan repayment and giving some money to my parents because I was earning, while clawing myself out of being in a four-figure debt hole. At 19.

Back on topic, I think.

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