2019 Over!

2019 hasn’t been a standout year for me outside a couple of high points, but it was definitely a year of foundations; a year of trying to learn what is important to me. I’ve been both challenged and moulded by this year’s happenings. While I don’t necessarily wish to relive all of it, I understand it’s importance.

As I said, it’s a year of foundations; both spiritually and physically. It’s come with lots of change that I don’t think I would have been able to withstand without help, for which I am incredibly grateful.

Last year, I talked about being a different man. Today, I can say that in comparison to last year, I am not necessarily different, but I am better. There is a lot less struggle in my life today than there was this time last year, though the struggles that remain are much more pronounced. Lethargy and procrastination have reared their ugly head once more. I do what most people do; blame work, blame circumstance. Blame everything but me.

I’ve not done any of the projects that I really wanted to do because of the lethargy, or valuing untapped time and money too high to invest yet at the same time also wasting both. I made starts, but as is typical of me I stop partway through. There’s no excuse, just very poor reasoning.

Having said that, I went on a missions trip to the Phillipines, which is something I would not have believed possible if I had been told when I first showed up at church. That is definitely something I would revisit, even if I had to re-suffer the health issues that hounded me. It was chump change compared to the experience, both in terms of being a Christian and as just a man. It honestly feels so long ago, even though it was only April.

But I shall do the usual and take a look at the previous year’s goals and see how they panned out.

Lose 1st (14lbs) from my weight at the end of 2018.

Hahahano. This one just didn’t happen. Truth be told I was already 16st 6lbs when I got back from the Phillipines, but I was most certainly enjoying the food. But as I said, that was in April. I shrunk down and then rehit the 16st 6lbs weight about a month ago. Today I weigh 15st 13lbs. A couple of bouts of flu-like symptoms will do that to you. I prayed to control my gluttony, and I did get my answer; just not as expected!

Get my timekeeping back on track. (Keep a Bullet Journal for the year)

Once again, this didn’t happen, but I did legitimately try. All the way through to April I tried to keep up with it, but it just doesn’t work for me. Just as an intricate system can be intimidating, so can a blank canvas. It took far too long to set up a month in respect to the benefits I would reap. A diary is going to be much more useful. But I am very happy that I tried the experience.

DM (aka run) an adventure module and create my own campaign framework in D&D 5e.

This is in progress. I vastly overestimated the amount of time I had available for this sort of thing. But I’m running Dragons of Icespire Peak with a group of friends I know from church, and I’m getting deeper into the homebrew campaign I want to run, or at least the first chapter of it. I rarely get to sit down and work the details out, let alone the mechanics, but I’m doing what I can and I can’t wait to run it.

Camp at least twice in the year.

Half done. I camped once and loved it. I didn’t take advantage of the time earlier in the year prior to a church weekend away. I cannot wait to go again, though given the current weather I obviously will have to! The tent I have is a little small when all my gear is factored in, but it collapses so small that it perfectly sits across my panniers and provides a bit of back support!

So now, looking at 2020, I have these goals in mind:

  • Lose 21lbs from my weight at the end of 2019 – this makes my goal 14st 6lbs, the same as it was this year.
  • Build a mechanical keyboard from scratch – board, base, switches, keycaps etc.
  • Read a book every month – doesn’t matter what it is; I need to re-teach my mind to focus on one thing at once.
  • Return to blogging regularly – at least three times every two months. It helps me get my thoughts down on “paper”.

I know it’s trite for me to do this every year. I’ve done it for over a decade now, mostly in places that no longer exist. I continue because it’s a way for me to close one year out and open up the next. I use it as a measure for what I’ve done, what I need to do, and what I want to do.

And as I inferred earlier, I discovered something; this blog is important to me.