Twitch Talk – Q3

I thought it would be best, as it is a goal of mine to reach Affiliate status on Twitch, that I should write about Twitch as well as broadcasting on it. If nothing else, it’s something for me to look at when I’m feeling down and realise how much progress I have made. I’ll write this sort of an entry every three months or so, as a way of keeping track of the figures.

First off, metrics to look at (this will be slightly skewed as I am including the first 10 days in October in Q3, but I also didn’t stream until halfway through August).

  • Streams: 35
  • Followers: 22 (+22)
  • Views: 1308 (+352)
  • Games Streamed: Foxhole, Rocket League, Space Hulk: Deathwing, Retro (Stonekeep and VtM: Bloodlines)

Looking at the figures, I streamed days more often than I did not, gained 2 followers a week and about 20 views per week. I know for a fact that the views figure is more like 20 views a stream now, but when I started it was pretty much guildies and nothing else. Not only that, but I am learning the various avenues for social media that I need to utilise to grow, mostly Twitter and Discord.

In regards to games, most of my streams were in the Retro category as I was playing RPGs that required a good amount of hours put into them (Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, and Stonekeep). This category is flexible and has probably contributed to the vast majority of my growth.

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VIDEO: A Love Letter to Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines

About a week ago I finished a playthrough of Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines on my twitch channel with a barebones Gangrel Build, built for melee and stealth, the two most overpowered mechanics in the game. Even having weighed everything in my favour, I ended up having to turn on the cheats to get through the painfully-aged combat in the title. However, I was so close to the end that one would make the argument that, now having seen the finale, and seen the rest of the endings that are available, I could end each playthrough (aside from the Camarilla ending, perhaps) after the Werewolf encounter and not miss a thing.

The game is an experience, and an involving one at that. Troika developed the title knowing that players wouldn’t be able to see all that the game had to offer in one sitting; multiple playthroughs were required to see everything and as such, it was necessary to incorporate different styles of play (mostly centred around Stealth, Gun-based, Melee, or Social) for the same mission, a task that many developers have attempted but few have achieved, and that list gets fewer additions to it every year.

I recommend getting VtM: Bloodlines from as it includes the patches to make the game operational in Windows, and restores a lot of removed content. But if you’re not interested in involving yourself in twenty-fourty hours of Action-RPG, at least watch the video above.

VIDEO: POLYBIUS – The Video Game That Doesn’t Exist

The more I watch long-form videos, the more I get recommended them, which is Youtube’s algorithm at work; encouraging more ‘watch minutes’ as opposed to number of videos watched, or interaction. Ahoy is a channel I wish I had found sooner, as it has fantastic standards of both audio and video, the former I am entirely envious of.

In this hour-long video, he delves into the history of a non-game called Polybius, an arcade game that has been in legend for at least the last twenty years or so. He unravels the mystery from present day, all the way back to the apparent birth of the legend. When I watched it originally, I was amazed by how long I had been watching; Ahoy has a succinct presentation with dedication to the facts and interpretations therein.

Twitch [26th Aug ’17] – Enjoy the Embrace (pt4)

There’s a reason I use GPS. That Museum mission was hell for navigation, and all because the last guard dropped both the key and his truncheon in the exact same place. The good news is, we unlocked Hollywood, allowing us to continue the investigation of the killer from Santa Monica, and we’ll soon see the enigmatic and charismatic Velvet Velour.

The next stream for VtM: Bloodlines will be taking place on Saturday 2nd September at 1830BST.

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Twitch [24th Aug ’17] – Enjoy the Embrace (pt3)

This time on ‘Allan rages at a bossfight’ we meet Bishop Vick, a pain in the backside that is only killable after going through several corridors of zombies that not only hit like a truck when in numbers, but will also do their own feed animation and cause a good chunk of damage. But we get it done; CDC eat your heart out! Or… brains. Bad analogy.

The next stream for VtM: Bloodlines will be taking place on Saturday 26th August at 1830BST.

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