Daevacast [2010]

The Daevacast was an Aion-centric fan run podcast that aired once a week on a Wednesday morning. It went from July-December 2010 and had 17 (aired) episodes along with three Gamescom specials. It was hosted by Allan ‘Daemion’ Bowden-Smith, Matt ‘Ozamet’ Panneton, Brett ‘Circe’ Walker and Greg ‘Gemmeni’ Armstrong. The podcast itself shut down in December 2010 due to hosts moving on to other games (RIFT in particular), as well as lack of progression after reaching an endgame point.

The podcast peaked at the Gamescom event and the unveiling of Aion 2.0: Assault on Balaurea on Aion’s Private Test Servers. With assistance from Sebastian ‘Ayase’ Streiffert during his tenure as Aion’s European Community Manager, the podcast created a credibility and connection all its own. However once Sebastian left to begin his work at Trion Worlds, that connection was never re-established with his successor, and with hosts leaving, the Daevacast was shut down, rather than attempt to limp on until other hosts could be found.

I’ve done many projects but this was the first that, albeit coming to a conclusion earlier than I wanted, was truly successful. This page is a testament to that period of success. Thank you to Zach, Matt, Brett, Greg, Sebastian and Tony & Lori. Had you not all had your hand in this or inspired me to do it, it wouldn’t have happened.

The daevacast.com domain redirects here now, so the site no longer exists. However, the podcast episodes & specials have been archived here.

Download Archive: daevacastarchive.zip (975MB)