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Five Minute Rant: Y U NO SUPPORT?!


I’m bringing back the Five Minute Rants as a way to get things written that would normally just get lost in my head later in the day. I don’t keep a notebook with me (something I really should do), so I’ll just throw five minutes into an entry and see how it is. Then either develop it into a full entry or correct the spelling and grammar, put an image on and post it as a 5MR. Five Minute Rants are literally that, and should be seen as raw presentation of an abruptly formed opinion.

I believe that a support character should at least attempt to support. I played Priest in Ragnarok Online, a Cleric, Chanter and a support based Spiritmaster in Aion Online, Volus in Mass Effect, even down to support builds in Call of Duty and Chromehounds, yet there are people who still think it is best to go it alone. You know that I like Awesomenauts, right? Well Voltar is the support specialist. There are people who will say that Yuri is also a support character given that he can use his powers to heal people, but Voltar is the only support character that has no offensive weapon by default. This means that he can only support at the start of the game. He heals, he gets Solar and only then can get upgrades to defend himself.

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Aion 3 Year Anniversary

This week NCSoft and Gameforge celebrated the third anniversary of Aion. It’s been about eight months since the game became part of Gameforge’s portfolio in Europe and they seem to be getting nothing but flak for it. And while I would like to add to that (since Gameforge taking over was a big reason as to why I quit) this is not the entry to do it in. I thought I would talk about some of my experiences in (and in one occasion, out) of Atreia as a way of me celebrating, and remembering times gone by.

NOTE: This is going to be a long entry, and probably full of terms that people who didn’t play Aion don’t understand. I try to explain them all by putting definitions in the words when your cursor hovers over them, but I might not have gotten them all. Sorry. =]

When I first wrote about it on August 5th ’09 Aion was my first P2P MMORPG. And it still pretty much is the only MMO I’ve paid to play. All the others (Ragnarok Online, CABAL, GunZ etc) I played either P-Servers, or when the game went F2P. I had actually pre-ordered it on the recommendation of atheistium (site), and was looking for a game that would scratch the itch Ragnarok Online did, but without the sense of one-and-done I had gotten from playing on private servers. The first Closed Beta I participated in was just something else. The world was so beautiful it took my breath away and created a sense of wonder that I have only felt again in exploration games like Minecraft. I wanted to explore and quickly died because of it. I hadn’t discovered how to tell between neutral and aggressive mobs, and I paid for it.

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Team Member has Gone Dark!

I’ve been really bored as of late, at least at home. Everything has been busy busy busy at work, and I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

To try and pass the time a bit I tried to get back into Aion a little but I realised things have changed so much that it’s no longer the place I loved, then learned to hate. The Potion market has imploded due to the availability of resources thanks to the amount of players increasing exponentially. Not to mention the 3.0 patch took so long that the NCSoft run version in North America is now on the brink of the 3.5 content patch. All in all, I got a sour taste from what should’ve been a pleasant reunion. Like I’d met an old friend only they’d forgotten about me and moved on entirely. I guess that’s an MMO community for you.

I was toying with the idea of getting a full play-through of the Mass Effect Trilogy, but I’ve lapsed into sticking with ME3 to explore all the dialogue and things I might have missed out on. It’s also the only way I can feel like I’ve truly played an RPG like Mass Effect, rather than just stick with my choices first time around and call it a day. If I did that almost all my crew would have not come back from the Suicide Mission in Mass Effect 2.

I’ve been getting back into the multiplayer. The last time I played it was just after the Rebellion Pack came out (with the Vorcha, Male Quarians and Former Cerberus) at the end of May. A couple of months later I try it again with my Female Quarian Infiltrator, and I did OK. Tried a Gold group, and I got hooked again.

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