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Aion 3 Year Anniversary

This week NCSoft and Gameforge celebrated the third anniversary of Aion. It’s been about eight months since the game became part of Gameforge’s portfolio in Europe and they seem to be getting nothing but flak for it. And while I would like to add to that (since Gameforge taking over was a big reason as to why I quit) this is not the entry to do it in. I thought I would talk about some of my experiences in (and in one occasion, out) of Atreia as a way of me celebrating, and remembering times gone by.

NOTE: This is going to be a long entry, and probably full of terms that people who didn’t play Aion don’t understand. I try to explain them all by putting definitions in the words when your cursor hovers over them, but I might not have gotten them all. Sorry. =]

When I first wrote about it on August 5th ’09 Aion was my first P2P MMORPG. And it still pretty much is the only MMO I’ve paid to play. All the others (Ragnarok Online, CABAL, GunZ etc) I played either P-Servers, or when the game went F2P. I had actually pre-ordered it on the recommendation of atheistium (site), and was looking for a game that would scratch the itch Ragnarok Online did, but without the sense of one-and-done I had gotten from playing on private servers. The first Closed Beta I participated in was just something else. The world was so beautiful it took my breath away and created a sense of wonder that I have only felt again in exploration games like Minecraft. I wanted to explore and quickly died because of it. I hadn’t discovered how to tell between neutral and aggressive mobs, and I paid for it.

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A letter to NCWest.

Dear NCWest,

First please do not consider this as a letter of complaint, as it isn’t intended to be so. I’ve been playing Aion for a long time now; since CBT5, back when Aion was still in 1.0 and the limit in the game was that you couldn’t reach above level 30, and I believe that Steel Rake was the endgame instance. I’ve had a few dealings with the community coordinators and the GMs, and I have a few points of contention that I think are worth airing. So please, take these to heart, and take them from someone who likes playing Aion and will continue doing so for a while.

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If only I had Ctrl+Alt+Delete

Well, I finally got it done; Daevacast is up and running. Thanks to Zach giving me a massive hand by letting me use some space on his multi-site account. I was able to miss the largest overhead and just buy the domain name and call-in numbers cost a total of $26.49. So I think I have done well. It was mostly about elbow e-grease and now things are up and running, I just have to add new polls and keep up the episodes. And of course the twitter account.

Also; I passed my Driving Theory Test! 46/50 on the multiple choice questions, and 62/75 on the hazard perception. The pass for the questions was 43 if I remember right, and I was scoring a little above and a little below so I was worried I wouldn’t get it done. But I did! Hazard Perception wasn’t really too much of a problem for me, and that showed. I finished the Theory test in 10 minutes though. No, I didn’t rush.

Finally got Train2Game back up and running as well. After running through Google Calendar again (a big push from Google Apps on Daevacast was the cause, to be honest), I’m setting time aside to make sure that I get it done. And it’s pretty much on any day I’m not working. There’s no excuses, and the only reason for me to stop working on it is when I have to wait for fresh resources/assessments to be marked. I really want to keep it moving along now; I wasted nearly 10 months doing nothing and that’s going to be obvious when 2012 rolls around.

The opportunity I kept mentioning on Twitter, just as an added off-hand, was to be a Train2Game blogger. Basically, to write articles on the game industry or regurgitate industry-centric press releases. I thought about it, and pursued it a little, but the people that were involved just broke off contact. Evidently they found someone more suited. In hindsight it was the right thing; I don’t want to spread myself too thin, and doing a meta-project when I’m not even that far involved in the project itself is never a good thing.

EDIT: Yeah, this post was meant to be put out a week ago, but I kept delaying it.