Android: Netrunner – My First Session

Android: Netrunner was demoed for me by Ben from Jack In a Box in Ripley, Derbyshire. The demo session and a few follow up closed-hand rounds were offered for free to garner interest.

Card games and I have a love-hate relationship. I’ve only played a couple of the big ones (Magic: The Gathering & Pokémon) and while I loved the rule sets, the combos and the chance to have a collection. Though mine was smaller than a good chunk of the player base in comparison, I was still somewhat proud of it. But what I hated was the economy behind it. The expense of some of the cards, and how much the boosters are given how small a chance you have of actually pulling what you need from the pack. I must have spent nearly £500 on booster boxes, accessories, single rares and the like.

Android: Netrunner is my first foray into the other side of Card games, called Living Card Games. The main difference between LCG and CCGs like Pokémon and MtG is that LCGs do away with the blind-buy model; you know what you’re getting and you know where to get the cards you need. One of the cool things about Netrunner that Ben showed me was a QR Code on the back of the Data Packs (monthly booster packs). He scanned it and the link in the code showed him all the cards in that pack, what they did, and even the art on it. Honestly, the respect for my wallet made me want to at least try it.

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