Out of Steam

We are in the middle of the 2015 Winter Sale on Steam. And usually, I end up putting up a wishlist of what I hope goes on sale, and afterwards what I ended up purchasing. Before I wiped my blog and started fresh, there were a good dozen posts of this kind of thing. I have posted a pair of entries here with that exact information. Then Steam changed it’s sale tactics.

There were to be no more timed deals; instead games would just ‘go on sale’ for the full sale period “at their most competitive discount, before and after being featured[.]”

For the first time in almost six years, I’ve received more games, both in value and quantity, than I have bought myself. And that latter number currently stands at 1 (Chronicles of Mystara 4-pack to play with friends).

Steam have screwed up the very things that made them, frankly, better than other digital stores regardless of platform.

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Steam Sale: The Aftermath

OK, so it happened. And I failed in my budgeting. I was going to keep my spending to about £50 this Sale, and I overspent by quite a lot. In my defence, there were a lot of titles that had good discounts and since I tend to stay away from AAA titles unless they’re really something special, I end up paying more rather than waiting. Call me a bad consumer, but there’s a tipping point where I want to pay the developer for their work.

Looking at my wishlist, I picked up almost all of it. I got Chroma SquadWar for the OverworldRepublique: Remastered, Ori and the Blind Forest and Shadow of Mordor. So far, I’ve only sat down and played War for the Overworld, and damn it’s good, for what I’ve played so far. I doubt I will go into the multiplayer arena but I’m happy with the Campaign and Skirmish.

I did leave behind There Came an Echo and Fantasy Grounds, because they were never a Daily Deal or a Flash Deal. With Fantasy Grounds they offer an Ultimate Edition licence for $10 per group DM, which will probably suit the group’s needs more anyway. But there are more that I bought. So many more. Continue reading

‘Twas the Night Before the Steam Sale…

This year’s Steam Summer Sale is one of the worst kept secrets in PC gaming. Ever since it showed up as a slip of the enter key on VKontakte, I’ve been holding back on buying anything on Steam, GoG or the Humble Store. The only thing I’ve bought is a pre-order of Shadowrun: Hong Kong purely based on previous outings by Harebrained Schemes. I’m sure I’m far from the only one.

But we’re almost there, and I definitely have certain titles that I will be looking for.

The only ‘triple A’ title that I’m looking at is Shadow of Mordor. Put bluntly, I wasn’t sure if my computer could run it. Tried overclocking the CPU to play a similarly spec’d game and it worked, so now I’m definitely wanting to buy it. I’m also looking at getting the spiritual successor to Dungeon Keeper, War for the Overworld; it looks really fun and what I actually wanted when I bought Dungeons. Darkest Dungeon and Chroma Squad are my blind picks; hearing the good about these titles and being on the hype train for Chroma Squad since it’s Kickstarter.

There’s titles like There Came an EchoRepublique: Remastered and Ori and the Blind Forest that I may get if they’re super cheap. I may also get Fantasy Grounds depending on how heavy it is discounted, since I plan on getting a Dungeons and Dragons group together online and it’s had glowing reviews for people that want to splash out. We’ll see.

My budget is flexible as it’s always been. I’m trying to stick to the £50 wallet credit I grabbed yesterday but Steam will always manage to tease me.

Am I ready for a miracle? Ready as I can be.