The Bull’s Horn [2016-]

The Bull’s Horn is a Podcast that was borne from a desire to hit the ground running for a Camelot Unchained podcast with a refined format, trio of hosts and dynamic. Right now, we’re essentially a Cyrus podcast, covering topics that both revolve around Camelot Unchained, and our own Guild’s inner workings, talking about what makes the ideal recruit, guild policy and the ilk. We want to have everything ready for when Camelot Unchained goes into any sort of playable state so we can just talk as we have done for a while and then publish.

It’s hosted by Daemion (myself)Raffles and Hakugard with publishing from Redh, our Guild Leader. Both Raffles and Haku use a Snowball iCE, whereas I am still using my trusty Samson GoMic. It’s captured through a combination of TeamSpeak and OBS, and is edited in Audacity. Our plans for the future are syndication through iTunes, and being spun off onto our own site, although still being influenced by/involved with Cyrus.

Currently we record every other Thursday and publish every other Friday. We’re experimenting with different sections and methods right now, so it’s an exciting time to listen!