I’m streaming on Twitch! I tend to keep a rather odd schedule, which I understand doesn’t make for regular viewing. However, I will do my best to keep it as regular as possible.

Below is my live player and event list. If I’m streaming, click the player to go to my Twitch page where you can chat with other viewers, or insult my gaming skill. Or both!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I use to stream (beyond PC specifications)?

I use Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), though I had the opportunity to use XSplit Premium (thanks to Humble Bundle). I decided that I would be better served using a streaming platform that is open-source. It gives me access to a lot of plugins and such, and settings under the hood that I am more likely to tinker with.

Audio wise, I use a Focusrite 2i2 Studio. It’s an XLR cardioid microphone, audio interface and studio-grade headphones in one bundle. It’s a great piece of kit that I can essentially set and forget and unless I am using Discord I don’t wear the headphones that often, because I don’t need to. I run it through VoiceMeeter to clean up some of the hiss and background noise, then through a Noise Gate in OBS itself.

I also use something called a Stream Deck from Elgato. It’s a fantastic piece of kit that allows me API-level access to OBS, Twitch, Twitter and more, as well as standard hotkey usage. I use a configuration that allows me to be ready to stream within a minute (if I’m in a rush), and the main buttons toggle scenes (be right back, starting soon, a standard overlay screen etc) and audio devices (music, microphone, discord chat and game audio). While the device is simple in concept, what it can do is impressive if you add the right components together.

Why do you stream mid-afternoon?

Two reasons: First, I’m an early bird and I live in the UK. By default, unless I wake up at 3am and start streaming pretty much immediately, I’ve lost the american audience. Streaming early afternoon (for me), gives me the European audience and pretty much everything easterly to Western Australia. It also agrees with my sleep schedule, whereas if I streamed late evening like most, I would get 2-3hrs sleep before getting up for a ten hour work day. Not conducive to productivity!

Second, I’m a tiny streamer, so I need to be online during the times that the larger streamers are not. I may get fewer viewers, but I’m not being squeezed out as hard by huge streamers that command an audience that I might otherwise get a sliver of and be content with. Maybe when I’m bigger I’ll stream later, but I have my regulars and that makes my streams worthwhile.

Why have you been away for (x) days/weeks?

I have a (sometimes demanding) job, and a storied history with depression/low mood. Sometimes there will be a time when I just hit the ground and can’t get going for a little while again, whether due to my job coming first, or because of something else going on in my life. Twitch streaming is something that I’m doing to deliberately combat that, but it takes effort and energy; two things of which I don’t always have to give. I would much rather not create any content as opposed to bad content, and that’s the perfectionist speaking.