VIDEO: POLYBIUS – The Video Game That Doesn’t Exist

The more I watch long-form videos, the more I get recommended them, which is Youtube’s algorithm at work; encouraging more ‘watch minutes’ as opposed to number of videos watched, or interaction. Ahoy is a channel I wish I had found sooner, as it has fantastic standards of both audio and video, the former I am entirely envious of.

In this hour-long video, he delves into the history of a non-game called Polybius, an arcade game that has been in legend for at least the last twenty years or so. He unravels the mystery from present day, all the way back to the apparent birth of the legend. When I watched it originally, I was amazed by how long I had been watching; Ahoy has a succinct presentation with dedication to the facts and interpretations therein.

Twitch [22nd Aug ’17] – Terminatus Mission!

It is time to bring to an end our time as a Deathwing Terminator, Brothers! This is the last stream on the game as I bring the adventures of Brother Barachiel, Brother Nahum and Brother Librarian (ME!) to a close.

All in all, I could only recommend the game when it is on sale, and heavily so. It’s price was £17.99 when I bought it, and that would not have been a purchase had I not been given a £10 Steam gift card a day or so prior. While I will say that I had fun with the game, it’s not worth the purchase price right now.

Twitch [16th Aug ’17] – For the Emperor!

Brandish your Chainswords and fortify your souls, Brothers! Today we continue our venture into Space Hulk: Deathwing after discovering the Caliban’s Will as part of the Space Hulk! With more genetics references than white supremacists can dream of, we delve deeper into the Olethros and Caliban’s Will to secure the geneseed pods and stop the Xenos scum from escaping.

All in a day’s work for a Brother Librarian, really.

Twitch [12th Aug ’17] – Enjoy the Embrace (pt1)

I’ve tried to finish Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines so many times that it’s an extreme case of deja vu going through Santa Monica again. However, it is the first area and we must always start with it!

This is the first game that I’ve linked to the GoG version of. I’m not sure whether Deathwing and Foxhole are available on GoG, but there is a reason why I prefer the GoG version of Bloodlines: Bloodlines was an almost broken game on release, thanks to the deadlines imposed upon the studio making it. GoG’s version includes the latest version of the unofficial patch that makes the game playable and enjoyable, although as you will see with the tutorial level some of the problems are either unfixable or close to.

This game will be a regular feature until I finish it or get irreconcilably angry with it. Some of the back and forth without a walkthrough was pretty rough on myself, who hasn’t played a proper RPG in a while, so I will be grabbing a walkthrough for next time should I get stuck.